Kiehl Universal Products

With Kiehl's 3 products, you are well covered in daily cleaning.

SanEco is the one you use in the bathroom and in your kitchen sink. It has an acidic PH value, which means that it removes the ugly water stains that get on the tap and in the sink. It is also used on the tiles in the bathroom.

Profless is then used in the rest of the house. This is a brilliant all-purpose cleaner that is a little more powerful, so it also removes the grease in the kitchen. Just mix it up in the spray bottle and you're ready to go.

Procur is the last product. This is for the floor. A brilliant floor cleaner that most floor types can withstand. It does not leave ugly streaks and water stains.

They are easy to dose, so they are very economical, far below DKK 10 per litre

How to easily clean your home | clean most things with these Kiehl products
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