Cleaning the toilet

How to clean the toilet if you also have problems with hard water and limescale. See here how the foam girl makes it shine again. The products used are the following:

  • Kiehl San-eco, our professional sanitary soap.
  • B-company limescale remover gel. The slightly viscous limescale remover.
  • The toilet stone that removes stubborn residues.
  • Novadan's toilet cleaner, with color and scent.
  • Microfiber cloth.


The toilet

Before we take care of the yellow drains in the toilet, I clean the toilet with a cleaning agent such as SanEco concentrate for the bathroom first.

Pumice stone - Toilet stone

When you need to remove limescale, gutters and urinary stones, it can be done in several ways, one of the most popular methods is with a toilet stone/pumice stone. You can scrub away the gutters with the help of a toilet stone. You just have to remember to wet it first, otherwise you can scratch the porcelain in the basin.

Kalk gel is a miracle remedy for fighting limescale in your bathroom

Kalk gel is a miracle remedy for fighting stubborn limescale, wherever you have problems with limescale. Do you have problems with limescale drains in the toilet and you can't quite get to the bottom of the toilet stone? Lime gel is fantastic here. Pour the lime gel around your toilet as if it were toilet cleaner. Our lime gel is viscous and therefore lays a film over the lime grooves. Let the lime gel work for a few minutes and then scrub with the toilet brush and your toilet stone until your toilet is clean. Watch the video:

Extra Tips
Lime gel is also great for descaling your faucet or for stubborn limescale in your bathroom. However, you must be aware that your tiles and joints can withstand limescale removers

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How to clean your toilet of scale:
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