How to remove limescale from your bathroom tiles

If you have bathroom tiles that have been set in stubborn lime and you have difficulty removing it, read on here.

To remove limescale from your bathroom tiles, you need a few things.
You need a powerful limescale remover and here Skumtøsen's professional limescale gel is world class.

You must also use a universal soap to degrease the tiles, so that the limescale remover can properly absorb the limescale cleaner. And if you want to make it really easy for yourself, I would recommend a joint brush.

Saturate your tiles with water

Start by applying plenty of water to the area to be washed, then cover the area thoroughly with the lime gel. Let the lime gel work for a few minutes. This gives the gel time to dissolve the limescale deposits and make them easier to remove.

The grout brush

Use a grout brush to scrub the tiles and work the gel into the limescale deposits. Pay particular attention to areas with tight joints, where lime often accumulates.

After scrubbing thoroughly, rinse the tiles thoroughly with clean water. It is important to remove all lime gel and loosened lime from the surface. Repeat the process if necessary for heavily affected areas.

If there are still limescale deposits, you can repeat to ensure an effective removal of the limescale.


It is important to note that before using Skumtøsen's lime gel you should read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct use and safety. In addition, it is always recommended to test the product on a small area of ​​the tiles first to ensure that it does not cause damage or discoloration.

To prevent limescale deposits in the future, you can regularly dry the tiles after showering to remove excess moisture. You can also use a soft cloth or rubber squeegee to dry the tiles and prevent water droplets from drying and leaving limescale stains.

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