How to remove streaks on the wall

Baking soda is absolutely indispensable. Yes, you can bake with it, but it also acts as your best friend when cleaning.

Black lines and dirt on the wall. Yes, there is a "magic sponge" on the market that does almost the same thing, but for God's sake you mustn't use it on painted walls, as this can strip the paint. This is where "SuperNatron" comes in.

A little baking soda in a bowl and a damp cloth and you're ready.

Dip the cloth in the baking soda and apply it where there are cracks on the wall. With quiet small circles, you massage the baking soda onto the stain, and then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Boom, piss away, and then it's completely harmless, no chemicals, just baking soda. Then take a trip to your local supermarket and pick up your new best friend.

And Bum for a "marshmallow"

How to remove black streaks on walls with baking soda
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