How to Tackle Forgetful Places

How to Tackle Forgetful Areas

When we clean our home, there are often some areas that are easily overlooked. These exposed places collect dust and dirt over time and can contribute to a less clean and hygienic home environment.

In this tip, I will focus on how you can effectively tackle these forgetful areas, ensuring that no corner is overlooked. Cleaning the things we go through with you now is a perfect match with Skumtøsen's fantastic universal cleaner.

1 bottle of Skumtøsen's universal cleaner provides approx. 500 liters of mixed soapy water and for only DKK 59.

1. Upstairs Kitchen cupboards

Above the kitchen cabinets are often forgotten areas. Use a ladder or vacuum cleaner extension to reach these areas. Wipe off dust and remove any cobwebs. After that, you can wash the surfaces with universal cleaner and this is where my cloth pack is brilliant. It contains all the cloths you could ever need.

2. Behind radiator

Radiators and heaters can attract dust and dirt that collects behind them. Here the skimmer's radiator brush really works wonders, and gets things done in record time in these areas.

3. Behind Furniture

Furniture that is close to the wall can create hidden dust accumulations. Move the furniture carefully and vacuum the areas behind it. This helps prevent the dust from spreading further.

4. The back of doors and door frames

The back of doors and door frames can be overlooked during cleaning. Wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. This is also where Skumtøsen's universal cleaning agent comes into play. It is specially designed to be effective on a wide range of surfaces, including doors and door frames. It's gentle, yet powerful enough to tackle everyday dirt and stains without leaving a residue.

5. Window sills and window frames

Although we often clean our windows, it is easy to forget window sills and window frames. Dust and dirt can collect here and affect both the appearance and the impression of your home.
To clean these areas effectively but easily and quickly, first remove visible dust with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. But for a more thorough cleaning and to preserve their appearance and durability, you can advantageously use Skumtøsen's universal cleaning agent.

6. Above Windows and Doors

Over time, dust and cobwebs can accumulate over windows and doors. If necessary, use Skumtøsen's practical radiator brush to get right where your arms can't reach
A more pleasant home environment
Tackling these forgetful areas is essential to achieving a completely clean and hygienic home. By including these areas in your cleaning routine, you will achieve a more thorough result and create a healthier and more comfortable home environment. For the forgetful areas, it is definitely recommended to get your hands on our super popular universal package. here you have what you need for those forgetful but quick places to go.

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