Tuesday tip: Hygiene in the bathroom - Create cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere

Hygiene in the Bathroom

– Create cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere
The bathroom is one of the most used areas in the home, and it is also a place where hygiene is essential. A clean and hygienic bathroom is not only about creating a clean and inviting atmosphere, but it is also important for health and well-being.

In this Tuesday Tip, we will share some effective steps to achieve a hygienic bathroom that exudes cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere.

1. Regular Cleaning:

Include cleaning the bathroom as part of your weekly routine. Clean the toilet, sink, mirror and shower area regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. For your surfaces, you can use Skumtøsen's powerful Universal cleaner and Skumtøsen's effective Toilet cleaner.

2. Use descaling agents

The shower area and taps can be affected by limescale deposits over time. Use descaling agents to remove limescale and restore the shine. Skumtøsen's limescale remover gel can clearly be recommended here. However, you must be sure that the areas can withstand acid.

3. Towel hygiene:

Change towels and washcloths regularly to prevent bacterial growth. Towels should be changed at least once a week.

4. Organization

Keep your toiletries and cleaning supplies organized. Use storage baskets or shelves to keep things in place and prevent clutter.

6. Wipe surfaces after use:​

To avoid the accumulation of limescale in the shower, lintels and the sink, you should wipe the surfaces with a microfibre cloth. and Saneco.

7. Do a Deep Clean:

Finish by cleaning the window sill with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt
Include a deep cleaning of the bathroom in your cleaning routine at least twice a month. This may include cleaning tiles, bathtubs, toilets and corners. Here Skumtøsen clearly recommends that you can use Skumtøsen's limescale remover gel, marble and terrazzo cleaner, toilet cleaner and the good universal cleaner

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