Tuesday tip: Crystal clear windows and mirrors - How to do it easily

Crystal clear windows and mirrors add a sense of light and openness to any room. But achieving the perfect shine on your windows and mirrors can sometimes seem like a challenge. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can follow that will make this task easier and more efficient.

In this Tuesday tip, we will guide you through the process of achieving crystal clear windows and mirrors in a simple way.

1. Gather your materials

Start by gathering your cleaning supplies, including a window cleaner, a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle or bucket of soapy water, and possibly a window cleaner. Skumtøsen recommends using
glassic glass cleaner and/or Skumtøsen's window soap. Here, Skumtøsen's Window Set is also perfect if it is the tools you are missing.

2. Clean Frames and the Area Around Windows

Before you start cleaning the window or mirror itself, wipe the frames and the area around them of dust and dirt. This prevents dirt from spreading during cleaning. Here, it is a good idea to use the universal cleaning agent of the skimmer.

3. Spray and Dry Method

Spray window cleaner on the surface and use a microfibre cloth or the microfibre cloth which is brilliant for cleaning windows, glass and mirrors. to wipe the surface clean. Use a horizontal motion on windows and a circular motion on mirrors. This prevents streaks and stains. To achieve the perfect result, Skumtøsen's popular Glassic glass cleaner is recommended

4. Use a window washer (Optional

If you have large windows or want to make the process even faster, you can use Skumtøsen's window washer, which is also included in Skumtøsen's window set. This helps remove excess detergent and provides a more uniform finish.

5. Focus on the inside and outside

Remember to clean both the inside and outside surface of the windows to achieve the best result.

6. Clean the window frame

Finish by cleaning the window sill with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

7. Check for possible spots

After cleaning, check the windows and mirrors for any stains or streaks. If you find any, fix them with a microfiber cloth or glass cloth

Achieving crystal clear windows and mirrors does not have to be a difficult task. By following these simple steps, you can easily achieve a brilliant and transparent shine that will improve the look and light of your home.

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