Window cleaning: How to do it

Do you also have problems cleaning your windows? Don't they just want to be clean and nice without streaks?

Do you also have problems cleaning your windows? They just won't turn out great. Everyone who has tried to clean windows has probably also tried to wash, clean and polish the windows, and then be left with streaks that just won't come off.

Tool for window polishing

First we have to talk about window cleaning equipment, because this is actually where most people have problems. You will have to invest in a proper window set consisting of a quality window scraper and soap washer to expect a good result.

It is well worth investing a few 100 kroner in a proper scraper. What you get when you can buy a proper window scraper is that the rubber is made of super quality. If you also have a soap dispenser, of good quality, then it can hold the soapy water, so you are free from having to use so much water, while at the same time it can also scrub the dirt off the window without scratching the glass.
Skumtøsen has put together a professional window kit consisting of a hand scraper, soap dispenser and bucket.

Which soap should you use to wash your windows?

There are many housewives' advice such as washing-up liquid and alcohol and salmiak spirits. but I myself use a ready-mixed professional window soap. Our professional window soap is perhaps the world's best window soap. It is used by many professional window cleaners.

This is how I do it when I polish my windows

I start by mixing the soapy water as directed on the bottle. It is important to follow the instructions, otherwise it can cause streaks and greasy edges on the window.

The window must then be soaped well in soapy water. Here, I scrub the entire window well with my soap dispenser.

Now it's just a matter of scraping the water off the window, with long straight roofs, and here it pays to wipe the squeegee off with a cloth after each course. Here I use a microfiber cloth.

Finally, I wipe the window down along the edges with my microfiber cloth.

I'm really happy with my microfiber cloth, it's great for all glass polishing. I use it especially for the windows in the car.

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