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Kiehl - Torvan, universal cleaning - 1 L.

Kiehl - Torvan, universal cleaning - 1 L.

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With Kiehl Torvan you can choose between manual washing with a mop or use it with ourprofessional floor trolley . This gives you full flexibility to choose the method that best suits you and your needs. Use Torvan Concentrate for all waterproof surfaces, from treated and untreated flooring to table tops, furniture, glass and windows. It is a versatile and reliable product suitable for any cleaning task. A fantastic advantage of Torvan-Koncentrat is that it leaves no streaks during cleaning. You can achieve a flawless finish on your surfaces without having to worry about re-polishing afterwards. This means you can save time and still achieve a sparkling clean surface. Our Torvan Concentrate is developed with a special composition that preserves the shine of your surfaces. Whether it is your floors, table tops, furniture or windows, you can be sure that they will remain beautiful and shiny after using this concentrate. An additional plus is that Torvan-Koncentrat is biodegradable, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice. You can enjoy great cleaning efficiency without harming the environment. Take your cleaning to the next level with Kiehl Torvan Universal Cleaner - Concentrated. Experience the exceptional quality and efficiency of Kiehl's and get a brilliantly clean surface every time.

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