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Turbo sanitary ware for bathroom -750ml.

Turbo sanitary ware for bathroom -750ml.

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Skumtøsen's Turbo Sanitet: Effective cleaning agent for bathrooms

Skumtøsen's Turbo Sanitet is a Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning agent, designed for bathrooms. This ready-to-use solution is ideal for quick and efficient cleaning of toilets, urinals, sinks and more. The product is particularly effective against grease, dirt and minor limescale stains, which ensures thorough cleaning and prevents the build-up of limescale deposits with regular use. To use the product, it is recommended to spray it directly on the surface from a distance of 20-30 cm or apply it to a cloth before washing. Skumtøsen's Turbo Sanitet gives you a reliable cleaning agent that ensures a clean and hygienic bathroom, while maintaining the condition of the surfaces and preventing limescale formation. The bottle is ready for use Cleaning tips If you are interested in learning more about cleaning tips and tricks, I would also encourage you to read my cleaning blogs . We also share videos and articles about cleaning.

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