About Skumtøsen

Hello, my name is Anja and together with my husband Brian, we opened Skumtøsen in 2021 when we got tired of buying cleaning products that promised and promised, but just didn't work as well as you might want. After 20+ years in the restaurant industry, and a lifetime of cleaning frenzy, I have extensive knowledge of professional cleaning and what works. So here at Skumtøsen, I sell the products we use out in the real world, and which we know work, the ones that help you reach your goal quickly without having to scrub and scrub for several hours. I want to give you back the joy of cleaning, because honestly, there's nothing better than when a product works, does all the heavy lifting, and we just have to wipe it off afterwards. "It must be easy and quick to clean, so we have time for other things too".

  • The goal of Skumtøsen

    My goal and my dream with Skumtøsen is to help others get things done quickly and easily. We're all busy with family, friends and work, so cleaning can sometimes seem like a chore that takes up the whole weekend and time with loved ones disappears.

    Why spend so many hours scrubbing and scrubbing when there are products that actually do the job for you. These are THE products I want to share with you, so you can get some of the time back with the family

  • The story behind Skumtøsen

    In the Corona shutdown, I ran out of the products I normally bought through my job as a restaurant manager. I had just taken those products for granted, because when I came home with a product for the oven from a convenience store, I found out how much effort I had to put in to reach my goal. I was deeply surprised, and not in a positive way. I complained to my husband and grumbled, because I knew it shouldn't be that difficult. The next day, over morning coffee, the talk again fell on the products and lack thereof. My husband said that if I could get so much in the red about something as simple as a cleaning product, then there must be other people walking around who had the same feelings, so why not share that knowledge, and boom then it was The frother for. I just want to share my knowledge and share the joy of products that work, because it has to be quick and easy to clean, so there is time for other things.


At skumtøsen, we offer a wide range of professional cleaning agents and cleaning articles that are guaranteed to make your life easier. All our products are manufactured for professional use and are therefore much more effective than normal cleaning products and articles you buy in your local supermarket.