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Skumtøsen Lime remover gel - 1 l.

Skumtøsen Lime remover gel - 1 l.

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Limescale remover gel 1 L. A slightly thicker limescale remover. In addition, it actually stays where the limescale problem is. I use it around my faucet in the bathroom, but also once in a while it smokes down the toilet, just like a toilet cleaner. However, it cannot get all the way up under the edge, as it does not have the nozzle that a toilet cleaner has, but this can be solved by just running the toilet brush around and up under the edge. It removes ocher and urinary stones, so it is brilliant for the toilet. Nb. do not use limescale removers on natural stone or on surfaces that are not acid-resistant. Cleaning tips If you are interested in learning more about cleaning tips and tricks, I would also encourage you to read my cleaning blogs . We also share videos and articles about cleaning.

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