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Grand cru housing package

Grand cru housing package

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Create a brilliant home with Skumtøsen's Grand Cru Home Package! Our extensive kit contains everything you need to achieve a sparkling clean and welcoming home. Whether you want shiny mirrors, shiny floors, or a fresh toilet, we have the right products for you.
  1. Crystal clear mirrors : Our glass cleaner makes it easy to make mirrors and glass surfaces shine. Just spray and dry for a brilliant finish.
  2. Universal Cleaner : Skumtøsen's Universal Cleaner is your versatile solution for removing dirt and stains from all surfaces in your home. Effective and easy to use.
  3. Toilet cleaner : Specially designed to make your toilet sparkling clean. Goodbye to limescale and dirt, and hello to a fresh and clean toilet.
  4. Floor soap with Papaya : Perfect for cleaning floors. Leaves a fresh scent and sparkling clean floors.
  5. Soft Hands with Hand Soap : Our hand soap leaves your hands soft and fragrant, even after the most demanding cleaning tasks.
  6. Miraculous Sponges : Effective in removing dirt and stains from any surface.
  7. Quality cloths and scouring sponges : Included in the package to ensure a perfect result every time.
  8. Toilet stone for freshness : Keeps your toilet clean and fresh for a long time, removes bad smells.
  9. Protection for Hands : Gloves included for protection against dirty hands during cleaning.
  10. Microfiber cloth for Perfect Finish : Leaves no lint or streaks, just a clean and shiny surface.
  11. Powerscrub for Stove : Perfect for removing stubborn dirt and stains from your stove.

Skumtøsen's Grand Cru Home Package is your key to a sparkling clean home. Do yourself a favor and grab this amazing package today!

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Glass cleaner
Skumtøsen's universal cleaner
Skumtøsen's toilet clean
Floor soap with Papaya
Hand soap

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