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Skumtøsen - The chalk set

Skumtøsen - The chalk set

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Professional Limescale Set are my 2 favorite products in the fight against limescale.

Kalkgel is a powerful limescale remover which is thick-flying, that is to say it stays put and is allowed to work on the problem area. But first, it is important to wash the area well with the univasal soap, as the limescale remover cannot remove soap and grease residues. Nb. do not use limescale removers on natural stone or on surfaces that are not acid-resistant.

Universal cleaner is a good general universal cleaner for the whole house, but especially good for washing areas clean of soap and grease residues before using limescale remover on tiles. Up in a bucket of water and then you are ready to wash the area down. This is used for everyday cleaning, where you just need to shine up such as kitchen cabinets, worktops, refrigerators, etc. Use the Professional Limescale Set together with a Joint Brush and it will be a breeze when you have to remove limescale from your joints and tiles.

Follow my YouTube channel for more videos on cleaning contains: 1 liter lime remover gel. 1 liter universal soap 1 pc. microfiber cloth 1 pc. professional scrub sponge 1 set of gloves

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Skumtøsen limescale remover gel
Skumtøsen's universal cleaner
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