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Rust remover

Kiehl RuginOff Rust Remover Spray is suitable for use on various types of surfaces, including natural stone such as marble, jura, granite, porphyry, gneiss, sandstone, agglomerate, concrete stone, clinker, clay tile, concrete and concrete floors. It can also be used for cleaning aluminum rims

How to use rust remover from kiehl
Before use, the suitability of the material is tested in an inconspicuous place. The surfaces must be cleaned before the product is used. Rust removal: Apply undiluted foam to the dirt to be removed and let it work for a short time. Do not let the product dry. If necessary, scrub with a non-scratching pad. Remove the loosened dirt and rinse with clear water. For stubborn dirt, repeat the process.

Kiehl RuginOff Rust Remover Spray is an acid-free rust remover that effectively removes rust and metal residues both indoors and outdoors. The product is suitable for use on natural stone, artificial stone, ceramic tiles and even for cleaning aluminum rims

It is recommended to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety instructions on the packaging to achieve the best results and avoid damage. Note that the product may be harmful if ingested and may cause allergic reactions on the skin. Therefore, it is important to follow the safety instructions carefully

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