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Professional cleaning trolley for floor washing - 1 set

Professional cleaning trolley for floor washing - 1 set

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Professional cleaning set for floor washing incl. 1 microfibre mop and feeder with movable head for easy cleaning

This professional cleaning set gives you the ideal tools for an effective floor wash. The set contains several products in one, which makes it simpler to make your purchase. The cleaning mops are equipped with wheels on the sides, which significantly facilitates and ensures that the mops do not fall off during use. The practical wheels under the mop bucket make it easy to move and position it.

Smart built-in mop twisting system

A special feature of the cart is its smart pedal system under the bucket. This system helps wring excess water out of the mop, which is a brilliant solution. This feature protects your hands from moisture and excess water as you do not need to expose your hands to wetness during the twisting process. This product is versatile and can be used to clean a variety of floor types, including tiles, tiles and lacquered floors. The set is particularly suitable for places with visitors, such as businesses and other public spaces, but it is also ideal for cleaning in private households, summer houses and allotments. The supplied feeder is designed to be able to reach all corners of the floor, which makes washing and cleaning more thorough. The product also has a light frame with flap-holding clamps with three holes that make it easy to replace the mop when necessary. An added benefit of this cleaning kit is its eco-friendly nature. The product is made of polypropylene, a solid and non-rusting material that is also fully recyclable. This helps to reduce the burden on the environment. Overall, this cleaning set with microfiber mop and movable head gives you all the necessary tools to achieve a professional and thorough cleaning of your floors. The kit is ideal for both commercial and private cleaning needs, and its smart design and features make cleaning more efficient and enjoyable.

Mops for every floor

You can also purchase a wide selection of different mops that are tailored to meet the cleaning needs of different floor types. This allows you to choose the most suitable mop for each specific floor, resulting in a more efficient and gentle cleaning. Regardless of whether you have clinker, tiles, lacquered floors or other surfaces, you can find the right mop for the job. These specialized mops ensure that you achieve the best possible cleaning quality without damaging the floors. By purchasing different mops, you get a versatile solution that makes it easy to switch between mops when you change between different areas or floor types. This is particularly practical in businesses, public spaces and private homes, where different areas may require different cleaning methods. By investing in the right equipment, you can ensure that your floors remain clean, neat and well-maintained. The selection of special mops allows you to achieve the best result every time you clean, while sparing the floors unnecessary wear and tear. This adds extra value to the professional cleaning kit and ensures that you are always prepared for different
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