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Miracle mushroom

Miracle mushroom

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The sponge cake's miracle mushroom is the one you didn't know you couldn't live without. Skumtøsen's miracle sponge removes black lines on furniture and miscellaneous. other things, but you have to be careful if you use it on painted surfaces, as it can easily take the paint. It is also known to turn shoe soles white again. I use it myself to clean the glass in my stove. "the magic sponge" or as I call it at home, "the little scam". See more marshmallows here This is just a product you didn't know you were missing, but which you now can't live without. If there are marks on things that haven't been painted, then it's just a matter of getting started with "the little scam". But I warn you, once you've started, you can hardly stop, it's so much fun. I also use it on my panels even though they are painted but just don't scrub too hard and keep a close eye on how much comes off so if I see it taking the tiniest bit of paint I stop and go over for baking soda, which is also another marshmallow you can reload. Follow my youtube channel for more cleaning videos
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