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Mold and mildew package

Mold and mildew package

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The package contains
✅ 1 fl. Skumtøsen removes mold and mildew
✅ 1 pc. professional grout brush
✅ 1 pc. blue cloth
✅ 1 pc. Scouring sponge
✅ 1 set. Gloves
✅ 1 pc. luxury hand soap

Skumtøsen's Mold and Mold Package - your rescue to fight mold and mildew!
Do you have problems with mold and mildew in the bathroom? Do not worry! Skumtøsen's Mold and Mold Package is specially designed to remove mold on tiles, black joints and even from walls.

Let's start with our powerful mold and mildew remover. With just one bottle, you can say goodbye to the annoying and unhealthy mold that has spread in your bathroom. Our formula is effective and will leave surfaces clean and fresh. You will be able to breathe easy!

You must be careful to read the data sheet and ensure good ventilation during use.

We have also included a professional grout brush in the package. This brush is specially designed to get into the hard-to-reach corners and joints where mold and mildew often hide. It will make cleaning easy and efficient. With this brush, you can be sure to get all the ugly stains removed.

Our package also contains a soft and gentle hand soap. It will leave your hands clean and well-groomed, even after the most demanding cleaning tasks. Then you can fight mold and mildew without worrying about dry skin. It's pure pampering for yourself!

We have also included a dish cloth in the package. It is perfect for wiping surfaces after cleaning and leaves them without water marks. You can trust this cloth to give you flawless results every time. It's pure convenience for your bathroom!

To protect your hands, you also get a pair of gloves in the package. These gloves will keep your hands clean and protected while fighting mold and mildew. You don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty - the gloves have you covered!

Skumtøsen's Mug and Mold Package is made with love for your bathroom. We want to make the fight against mold and mildew easy and effective, while at the same time you achieve fantastic results. So why wait? Get your bathroom sparkling clean by grabbing our amazing Mold and Mold Pack today!

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The skimmer removes mold and mildew
Hand soap

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