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Wash the package

Wash the package

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Skumtøsen's dishwashing package

Skumtøsen's dishwashing package is a fantastic collection of products that will make washing dishes a breeze. We have carefully selected each and every element of the package to ensure that you get the best result and the most comfortable experience.

Professional chemistry

First of all, you get one liter of our professional hand washing detergent, which is extremely easy to use. This powerful cleaning agent is specially formulated to remove grease and food residues, so you can get beautiful and clean dishes every time. To help you remove stubborn stains and dirt, we've included a dish brush from Vikan. This brush is made of a strong nylon quality that ensures effective cleaning without scratching your kitchen items. In addition, you also get a professional scrubbing sponge with a handle that is perfect for tackling even the most difficult dirty areas. This sponge is designed to give you a good grip and at the same time ensure a thorough cleaning of your kitchen utensils. We have also included a giant steel pan sponge. This sponge is ideal for removing burnt-on food residues from pots and pans. With this sponge, you can be sure to achieve friction-free cleaning and make your kitchen items shine like new. It can scratch soft surfaces like Teflon so you have to be careful.

The package contains 1 liter of professional hand washing detergent, very easy to use, professional dishwashing brush from Vikan in strong nylon quality, professional scrubbing sponge with handle, 1 professional giant steel pot sponge, chef quality microfiber dish cloth (* can be machine washed many times) 1 blue dish cloth (* can be machine washed many times) times)

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