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Kiehl - oil & grease remover for clothes - 500 ml

Kiehl - oil & grease remover for clothes - 500 ml

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Enter the world of effortless garment care with our Kiehl Arenas-Exet 1 stain remover! This is not just another ordinary stain remover - it is a magical elixir created to rid your clothes of the most stubborn oil and grease stains, whether they are white or colored. Kiehl Arenas-Exet 1 is your ultimate rescue plan, especially when it comes to work clothes and chef clothes where stains are inevitable. With our advanced formula, you can now say goodbye to the worries of stains on your favorite clothes. Use is a breeze! Just spray the product directly on the annoying spot and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. During that time, Kiehl Arenas-Exet 1 works its magic and dissolves even the most troublesome stains. When the time is right, simply wash your clothes as usual and watch the stains disappear like dew in the sun. With a generous amount of 500ml, you get plenty of product to tackle more stains and save more of your favorite pieces. Make clothes care a breeze and choose Kiehl Arenas-Exet 1 as your faithful companion in the fight against stains. Forget all about the worries and let your clothes shine like new again!

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