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The grill package

The grill package

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You get 2 of our best cleaning agents for when you need to clean your dirty grill.

The grill package offer includes

1 powerful pro oven/grill cleaner for the grill itself and grates

1 pc of highly concentrated industrial clean for external cleaning of the grill

1 piece. professional pot mushroom

1 piece of industrial steel wool 60g

1 trigger spray head for the oven cleaner

1 set of gloves

Skumtøsen's Powerclean , this is a good basic cleaner. It is strong and takes all the fat. So it is mostly used in the kitchen, on top of the cupboards where the grease from cooking settles. It has to be diluted in a bit of water, but if there is something greasy that really sticks, I have actually used it undiluted on a sponge, you have to be careful with this trick though, you have to be sure that your surface can can't stand it, try it out in a hidden place first. And remember gloves, especially if you don't dilute it.

 Professional Oven and grill cleaner is fantastic as it actually doesn't smell as much as any of the ones I'm used to using. It is used in the oven and in the grill, baking trays and the grate in the oven, but also the filters that are in the hood (on the filters, you first have to test it on a small spot, so you are sure your filter can handle it). It works best if you just heat your oven or grill up to approx. 50 degrees. But I have found that on my filters in the hood it actually works too, even if they are cold. It is very important that you wear gloves when working with oven cleaner.

Follow my YouTube channel for more videos about cleaning. Remember to buy an additional spray head if you want to apply it with a spray.

Remember that oven and grill cleaner should not be used on coatings with Teflon and delicate surfaces such as worktops. Therefore, always remember to read and follow the instructions. !!!Important !! Do not use on coatings with Teflon and delicate surfaces, such as table tops. In addition, read the safety measures on the product's data sheet to avoid possible damage to the surfaces.

Find the data sheet here
Skumtøsen's oven & grill clean
Skumtøsen's powerclean

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