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Skumtøsen's sponge package is filled with all the best sponges that you need for cleaning

  • The sponge cake's miracle mushroom is the one you didn't know you couldn't live without. Skumtøsen's miracle sponge removes black lines on furniture and miscellaneous. other things, but you have to be careful if you use it on painted surfaces, as it can easily take the paint. It is also known to turn shoe soles white again. I use it myself to clean the glass in my stove.
  • Powerscrub, the sister to the by now well-known "white miracle sponge". this Powerscrub for ceramic hobs is super good at removing deposits. It makes it shine like new again.
  • Professional scouring pad with handle of the large size that chefs use in restaurants. With the Professional scouring sponge, you have a good grip on the sponge when you really have to put effort into it. I often use it together with Industri clean heavy-duty basic cleaning when I clean on top of my kitchen cupboards. And when I scrub the tiles in the bathroom it's really good, the far one gets dirty easily and really gets to the bottom
  • The foam sponge is the great professional that all chefs use. The pot sponge fits well in the hand and it is easy to scrub with it, due to the good quality. Try it together with our oven cleaner , together you can really clean your oven or grill
  • Sanding block with beveled edges, this is a sponge suitable for wet sanding and cleaning hard surfaces.

The mushroom package consists of the following

3 professional scouring sponges
5 pieces of the sponge cake's miracle mushrooms
2 power scrubs
2 steel pan sponges
1 piece. Grinding pad with beveled edges

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