How to clean greasy surfaces quickly and easily with Industri Clean

If you have also stood and scrubbed and scrubbed on greasy surfaces, without reaching the goal, then we have the solution for you here. The solution to all your problems is our industrial clean. It has magical powers when it comes to greasy surfaces. In the cleaning industry, it has been used for many years to clean greasy areas such as kitchens and extremely disgusting hoods.

At home, we use industrial clean on our active fryers and kettles, as well as on top of our kitchen cabinets, where grease quickly accumulates.

Did you know that industrial clean is just as good as Skumtøsen's oven cleaner, i.e. only for greasy surfaces?

It is actually the case that our industrial clean is just as effective as our oven cleaner, i.e. just for removing grease. At least we think so ourselves. Try getting a little industrial clean on a cloth and wipe a greasy kitchen cabinet and see the magic for yourself. Be careful as these are strong cases, so remember gloves and to always do a test in a hidden place first, so you know if your furniture can handle the soap.

Industri clean is really good against smoke and nicotine

One of the areas where industrial clean really comes into its own is on surfaces with a heavy smoke coating. We have used industrial clean with great success on surfaces where cigarette smoke over many years has left a yellow nicotine surface. See here in the video how effectively industrial clean removes fat and nicotine.

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